Person​al Trainer

Weight Training, Aqua-Fit instructor, Fitness Leader in Third-Age 


As a Dental Hygienist for many years, I have witnessed many health and medical issues aside from dental health. My journey into alternative health care began in 2000, when I focused on a sports physiology course from the college of sport medicine (ASCM) in Switzerland. Then in 2004 I enrolled in the Human Kinetics Program at Langara College in Vancouver. At the same time, I enrolled in diverse ereas of certified courses with the British Columbia Recreation Parks and Board (BCRPA). I look forward to continue to attend courses in the health and wellness field to widen my knowledge, so that I can serve the public in the best interest. I also enjoy working with women during pregnancy and with new mothers and their new born baby's.

A healthy, flexible and strong body makes daily living richer and will accompany you into old age.